• In cooperation with the Burns District Bureau of Land Management, (BLM), KMA’s purpose is to protect, preserve, promote and enhance the wild herd of mustangs which currently inhabit the Kiger and Riddle Mountain Herd Management Areas.

  • To encourage and facilitate the establishment of captive herds of the Kiger Mustangs for the purposes of preserving the gene pool as found in the wild through the established adoption program of the BLM.

  • To establish the use of the Kiger Mustang in all applicable areas of recreation, competition, and work.

  • To disseminate historical information and education relating to the Kiger Mustang in both wild and captive conditions.

  • To act as a volunteer group concerning adoption compliance.

  • To be involved as an input source to the BLM, relative to management decisions pertaining to the wild herd.

  • To promote activities and fellowship among the owners, breeders and others interested in the Kiger Mustang.

KMA Directors & Officers