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Color testing is offered as a service by the KMA. We use the UCDavis Lab and can order the tests for you. Once hair samples are received in the lab, it only takes a few days for the results to be delivered right to your e-mail box. Please simply fill out the form below.

[ Note- If you are registering your horse, you can skip this form and simply use the Registration Form . There is a color testing option on that form as well.]

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The lab can test to determine the genetic make up of your horse's base color genes (through the red factor test) the genetic makeup of its dun factor. Gray testing is also available for people who want to rule out gray in their young Kigers.

These tests can be used to satisfy your curiosity or they can be used to inform breeding decisions.

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You can also order these individual tests.


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Please allow 90 days for processing. In special circumstances registration may be able to be expedited.

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